from by Shark Club



When I was a kid I didn't even know what midnight was until New Year's Eve and I stayed awake. Now I'm grown up and I'm lucky if I fall asleep before 3am. I feel so dead.

I stare through the dark. My eyes will adjust so I can see what's going on all around me. It starts to get hot. How do I get comfortable in this? I turn on my fan. It doesn't do much.

I can't find the moon. The sky is too big to rummage through. There are no stars; the town's too bright. If I took a trip to outer space I'd realize fast that it's always the night up there.

But when I dream it's all bad stuff that happens to me. Kill the lights so they can scream. It's hard to believe whats real and fictional at best. What did I do? Now it's all a mess.


from Michigan, released August 19, 2016



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